[Easy Method] How To Remove Backgrounds in Images and Videos



Discover the easiest method to remove a background from an image or video within seconds…


This method is fast and easy.


Well, in this post, you will discover;


  • The tool we use to remove or change image and video backgrounds easily
  • How to remove or change image background
  • How to remove or video background
  • and lots more…


So, we already know most apps, software, and tools in general anyone can use to remove image and video background such includes photoshop and the likes…including other special tools out there.


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Let’s get straight to the purpose of this post;


How To Remove Image Background

Before we see how to remove and change image backgrounds first, like I said, there are so many tools out there which you can use to remove backgrounds in images and videos, but our choice of tool to be used is called Removebg


But what is our purpose for choosing RemoveBg ???


This has a 100% Free feautre of removing backgrounds from images and also from videos.


So, without any technical knowledge anyone including you can also remove video backgrounds and change it to any background that soothes you.


All you have to do is simply;

  1. Donwload your desired image to your device (either your laptop or mobile phone)
  2. Visit RemoveBg official website here
  3. Upload the image you downloaded (or your desired image)
  4. It will automatically remove the background of your image nicely and neatly within seconds.

And you can have your image downloaded also in an HD format.


You can watch this video below for a brief review of how it works


Give this a trial and tell us what you think of this tool;


remember you can also use them to remove backgrounds from videos as well…


Before I round up this post…


Here’s How to Remove backgrounds from Videos



Like I earlier said in this post, our choice for trying RemoveBg is because of their external linking to a tool that can easily remove GIFs and Video backgrounds for FREE


…And to do this we use Unscreen for removing GIFs/videos background.


With Unscreen, you can remove any video background in just a few clicks. It’s 100% free.


How does it work:

Step 1: Go to Unscreen. You can either upload your own video or use their free animated GIF.

Step 2: And…. you’re done. Unscreen will automatically remove the background without extra action.


So, that’s that for this post, if you got value, feel free to share with friends, (don’t be stingy… #lol)


Have you used any other tool before? Share it with us in the comment box below.



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